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wxPython / wx / tools / img2xpm.py

# Name:        wxPython.tools.img2xpm
# Purpose:     Convert an image to XPM format
# Author:      Robin Dunn
# RCS-ID:      $Id: img2xpm.py 39136 2006-05-10 23:22:27Z RD $
# Copyright:   (c) 2002 by Total Control Software
# Licence:     wxWindows license
# 12/21/2003 - Jeff Grimmett (grimmtooth@softhome.net)
# o V2.5 compatability update 

img2xpm.py  -- convert several image formats to XPM.


    img2xpm.py [options] image_files...


    -o <dir>       The directory to place the .xpm file(s), defaults to
                   the current directory.

    -m <#rrggbb>   If the original image has a mask or transparency defined
                   it will be used by default.  You can use this option to
                   override the default or provide a new mask by specifying
                   a colour in the image to mark as transparent.

    -n <name>      A filename to write the .xpm data to.  Defaults to the
                   basename of the image file + '.xpm'  This option overrides
                   the -o option.

import  sys
import  wx
import  img2img

app = None
def main():
    # some bitmap related things need to have a wxApp initialized...
    if wx.GetApp() is None:
        global app
        app = wx.PySimpleApp()
    img2img.main(sys.argv[1:], wx.BITMAP_TYPE_XPM, ".xpm", __doc__)

if __name__ == '__main__':