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autognosis is a tool which processes when EC2 Spot Instance is terminated compulsorily.

Server Installation

shell> sudo rpm -ihv cronexec.rpm describe-spot-price-history.rpm
shell> sudo yum install memcached libmemcached
shell> sudo rpm -ihv autognosis-server-X.X.X-X.rpm

shell> sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/autognosis-server
# (define environments...)

shell> sudo initctl start autognosis-server
shell> memdump -s # check of starting of a server

Client Installation

local> # launch a spot instance with user-data
local> ec2-request-spot-instances -d '{"maxPrice":0.3}' -p 0.3 -t c1.xlarge ami-4e6cd34f -k ...
shell> sudo rpm -ihv cronexec.rpm jq.rpm
shell> sudo yum install curl libmemcached
shell> sudo rpm -ihv autognosis-X.X.X-X.rpm

shell> sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/autognosis
# (define environments...)
#MEMCACHED_SERVERS=<autognosis server host>

shell> sudo initctl start autognosis
# If the current price exceeds the max price...
# shell> sudo tail /var/log/messages
# Jan 26 14:55:15 ip-10-148-74-46 autognosis: processing when terminating

It seems that there is a margin for about 1 minute after a price goes up before terminating...probably...

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