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= ruby-handlersocket

== Description

Ruby bindings for HandlerSocket plugin

== Build

ruby extconf.rb

== API Specifications


== Example

  require 'handlersocket'
  hs ='', 9999)
  # Args (default value)
  # host(localhost), port(9998), timeout(600), listen_backlog(256)
  hs.open_index(3, 'employees', 'departments', 'PRIMARY', 'dept_no,dept_name');
  res = hs.execute_single(3, '>=', ['d004'], 100, 0);
  # => [0, "d005", "Development", "d006", "Quality Management", "d007", "Sales", "d008", "Research", "d009", "Customer Service"]
  hs.execute_insert(3, ['d999', 'XYZ']);
  hs.execute_delete(3, '=', ['d007'], 1, 0);
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