WinMerge Source Code

Source code for the WinMerge program, its plugins, filters, setup program, and various utilities are all kept in various subfolders listed below.

Changelog file is in Docs/Users/ChangeLog.txt and it logs user-visible or otherwise significant changes.

Subfolders include:

  • Docs Both user and developer documentation, in different subfolders. Can be browsed by opening index.html in Docs folder.

  • Src Source code to the WinMerge program itself.

  • Plugins Source code and binaries for WinMerge runtime plugin dlls & scripts

  • Filters WinMerge file filters which are shipped with the distribution.

  • ArchiveSupport Source code for the Merge7z dlls, which connect WinMerge with 7-Zip Also this folder is required to compile WinMergeU.exe. There is also standalone installer for Merge7z dlls.

  • Externals This folder contains several libraries whose sources come from outside WinMerge project. They are stored here for convenience for building and possible needed small changes for WinMerge. Libraries include XML parser and regular expression parser.

  • Installer Installer for WinMerge.

  • Tools Various utilities used by WinMerge developers; see readme files in each.

  • ShellExtension Windows Shell (Explorer) integration. Adds menuitems to Explorer context menu for comparing files and folders.

  • Testing A suite of test diff files and a script to run them and report the results. This folder also has Google Test subfolder containing unit tests made with Google Test Framework.

  • Build This folder gets created by compiler when WinMerge is compiled. It contains compiled executables, libraries, user manual etc.

  • BuildTmp This folder gets created by compiler when WinMerge is compiled. It contains temporary files created during the compilation and can be safely removed.