Shell Integration "Enable Advanced Menu" disabled on new install

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I installed v2.16.0 to a new PC and am unable to use enable the 'Compare' advanced context menu options. I do have the basic "WinMerge" context menu item, but when I try to enable the advanced options, the checkboxes are disabled - see screenshot attached. (Clicking on 'Register shell extension' doesn't help - and as far as I can tell, it's already registered anyway.)

Looks like these guys have the same problem:



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  1. Paul

    Ooops, this was my fault - I installed WM using "WinMerge-2.16.0-Setup.exe" - didn't spot there was a separate 64-bit version on the download page - I've just installed using that instead and it now looks to be working correctly.

    Might be worth highlighting there are different versions for 32 and 64-bit on, not highlight only the 32-bit one, or having a single setup.exe that works for both, or can the browser figure out which is the appropriate one based on the headers or something? Just an idea. Thanks for all the great work you do!

  2. Alan Draper

    Also, the giant green "Download" button at the top of does not give you the option of 32- or 64-bit; it goes straight to the download of the 32-bit software on Source Forge. This made it extra confusing, because I was never given the choice.

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