Click doesn't trigger document to scroll in Location pane under circumstance

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Issue #140 resolved
Jorge Pestano created an issue

On the Location pane, you can normally select the active region with the mouse. Let's put some common ground first: there are 3 objects within the location pane, as I see it:

  • the background
  • the left document differences box
  • and the right document differences box

Also there are 2 different interactions:

  • a click
  • and a drag

So the only case where I have seen it to be not working (or different from how it was before) is since version

  • When a click occurs in the backgroud

Expected behaviour:

  • Active, visible region scrolls to the point clicked

Actual behaviour:

  • Nothing happened

What DOES work correctly is (that is, it scrolls):

  • Clicking on the documents differences boxes
  • Dragging anywhere (background and document boxes)

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