Supporting relative path in project file

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Issue #158 resolved
Hoj Gim created an issue

WinMerge have a feature ‘Save Project’ in the file menu, and it creates a .winmerge file. And the .winmerge project file stores absolute path. It’s inconvenient to share with tools like git.

I hope winmerge project files to support relative paths. How do you think?

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  1. Takashi Sawanaka

    WinMerge can compare relative paths when I specify relative paths in the project file and double-click the project file from the Explorer.

    How do you open a project file?

  2. Hoj Gim reporter

    I executed WinMerge normally first, then opened the WinMerge project file by the open menu. I think this is possible if WinMerge uses the working directory as a relative path root.

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