2.15.2 experimental release and a plan for 2.16.0 stable release

Issue #84 resolved
Takashi Sawanaka
created an issue

In response to proposals from some developers of WinMerge, I moved my fork of WinMerge, which I personally developed, to here as an official one of WinMerge. And uploaded version 2.15.2 as an experimental version.

It can be downloaded from sourceforge.net or this bitbucket.org.

For changes from 2.14.0, please see ChangeLog or Release Notes. (I'd be glad if someone rewrote ChangeLog or ReleaseNotes written in my awful English above)

Unfortunately, 2.15.2 is not a 3.0 series aiming for cross-platform WinMerge, but simply adding some functions from 2.14.0. This is also the same as the stable version 2.16.0 that will be released in the future. I am sorry for making you expectation.

2.16.0 stable version

Although I have not decided a particularly clear release date, I'd like to fix the following until the summer (the Northern Hemisphere) and release the stable version 2.16.0.

  • Stabilization of 3-way comparison and merge function
  • Finish implementing 3-way folder comparison function
  • Additional Unicode support (Currently, combining characters etc. are not displayed properly)
  • When plugins are enabled, folder comparison in full content method is much slower than 2.14.0 even in manual mode.
  • Add new features to manual. (Perhaps I will not do so, need someone's help, but if no one writes, it will be released as it is.)

A pull request will be welcomed. I also look at https://github.com/sdottaka/winmerge-v2/ so if you like github, please use it.

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  1. Takashi Sawanaka reporter

    2.15.5 beta version has been released

    I am sorry that I have not made progress for a long time. Currently I do not have much time for WinMerge and I could not implement what I planned until 2.16.0. So I gave up on implementing what I was planning and released the current state as the last beta. If there is no problem, I would like to release 2.16.0 in a few weeks.

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