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In The Focus


  • .. bring (something) into focus 1. To make an adjustment so that a viewed object can be seen clearly, as with instruments that use lenses, or by digital or other means on a .

CSP FocusCSP2011CSP Focus .

Tutte le ultime notizie su scienza, natura, ambiente, animali e tecnologia. Tieniti aggiornato su sul mondo che ti circonda con il sito di focus v. ['fks] ( focuses; focused; focusing ) vt. & vi. 1.() concentrate vt. & vi. 2. come together at a focus; adjust an instrument, etc. so that it .. Focus definition, a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity: The need to prevent a nuclear war became the focus of all diplomatic efforts. See more.

  1. focusheight: Flash textheight: Flash swfheight: Flash JPG .. Gain greater control over your gimbal shots with the Zhiyun-Tech Crane-2, a 3-axis handheld stabilizer with an integrated follow focus control.

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