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Jetpack Portfolio Extensions

Tags: jetpack, portfolio, isotope, masonry, filterable, jetpack-project-types, jetpack-project-tags,
Requires at least: 4.9
Tested up to: 4.9.4
Requires PHP: 7.0
License: GPLv3
License URI:


Enhances Jetpack Portfolio with Isotope layout, live filtering, two shortcodes, and the option to include the excerpt on the portfolio item page.

When installed, jetpack portfolio shortcodes will display in a responsive gride. This means the columns option of the shortcode will be ignored. Projects will be displayed in columns with the following breakpoints:

min-width:40em  /* 2 columns */
min-width:60em  /* 3 columns */
min-width:90em  /* 4 columns */
min-width:120em /* 5 columns */

To enable a tiled, masonry-style layout, tick the Use Isotope box in the options.

The plugin also adds classes for Jetpack Project Tags to the [jetpack_portfolio] project entry markup.


For live filtering when using Isotope, place a [list_project_types] shortcode just above your [jetpack_portfolio] shortcode.


Find in the Customizer -> Portfolio Options.

  • Show Excerpt on Single Project Pages: On single project pages, show the custom excerpt between the project title and content.
  • Use Isotope: Use jQuery Isotope for tiled portfolio layout and filtering. (Filterable when used with the [list_project_types] shortcode.)


  • [list_project_types] Prints a list of all Jetpack 'Project Types'. CSS .project-type-list.
  • [the_project_tags] Prints a list of Jetpack 'Project Tags' associated with a single portfolio item. CSS .project-tag-list.