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  1. Sean Wilson
  • Re-implement _ci_object_to_array that was removed as of CI 3.1.3 (possibly earlier as well)

Some time before this commit of CI, the function used in MX/Loader.php no longer exists. This commit adds a copy of the function back.

Comments (12)

  1. Kader Bouyakoub

    I thought of this too, but even after implementing the method, the error is still there.

  2. Kader Bouyakoub

    Here is a simple solution: MX/Loader.php at line #301 replace _ci_object_to_array with _ci_prepare_view_vars

  3. Lukman Hakim Mahrus

    I think it's better for you to keep the script stay original and create a custom file with the same name (with prefix MY_) in /application/core/MY_Loader.php and then extended the loader class, and then copy the function that contain _ci_object_to_array, and then replace with _ci_prepare_view_vars..

    as I wrote in /application/core/MY_Loader.php, it will works both in CI 3.1.3 and for the previous version..


    1. Moses Kurniawan

      Good solution but...since this is an "extension" to CI, and the issue exist in the extension, I think this issue must be fixed via extension level. Not on the user level (creating file with same name) or core level (CI itself).

  4. F

    I confirm it works by replacing _ci_object_to_array with _ci_prepare_view_vars, with CI 3.1.4 .

    Do you have any idea when this change will be added to the sources ?

  5. wolfgang1983

    Still not work in the latest version of codeigniter have to use Lukman Hakim Mahrus way