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Unofficial Nest API on Node

This is a very unofficial demonstration of the API used by Nest Thermostats to communicate back to the Nest Lab web servers.

For more information about the API and communication check here.

The file, app.js included demonstrates one way to use the API.

To use it as is:

  • Install Node.

To set the temperature, you'll need to login, and fetch the status once before calling the setTemperature function:

nest.login(username, password, function (data) {
    if (!data) {
        console.log('Login failed.');
    nest.fetchStatus(function (data) {
        for (var deviceId in data.device) {
            if (data.device.hasOwnProperty(deviceId)) {
                var device = data.shared[deviceId];
                // here's the device and ID
                nest.setTemperature(deviceId, nest.ftoc(70));

Also, note that the subscribe function may not return results frequently. It's based on the data coming from your thermostats, which may not change frequently. There's a default 60 second timeout. The callback is always called, which then gives your code an opportunity to call subscribe again.