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Django's dumpdata management command allows you to dump objects from a given application, but sometimes you'll want to extract all objects of a given model from a much larger file containing objects from many models.

This package provides the commandline utility, which will allow you to do just that.

Ultimately the idea would be to also add options to be able to search on different model fields to extract the objects you want before importing them again into the database.

Although it loads the entire json in memory, it's actually quite fast. On a 41.6MB json file containing 131515 objects, it takes about 3s to extract 10341 objects of a given type. The 3s is actually fairly constant, however many objects there are of the model it's extracting.

See --help for usage.

You can install this package through easy_install and pip.

© Copyright 2010 Éric St-Jean, email: esj a-t w w d d-o-t c a

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