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A reimplementation of EvoCell - - a Java Software for evolving and simulating lookuptable based cellular automata. It uses WebGL and fragment shaders to boost up the simulation of the CA.

Recent activity

Philipp Tiefenbacher

Philipp Tiefenbacher pushed 3 commits to wizard23/WebEvoCell

0ec92e0 - implemented directonal mous mainloop needs refactoring down to 150lines ;)
92c3baf - added canvas click for copy paste hack
f8cf4ff - hacked shots in 8 directions :) would getPixel be faster if i do it only once instead of 10 times?
Philipp Tiefenbacher

Philipp Tiefenbacher pushed 5 commits to wizard23/WebEvoCell

3e29326 - hacked most primitive particle system...readPixels takes time... (TODO: make particles n shader too if it works without float texture)
84b9b67 - oldschool particle colission check is slow but works
6f5ee61 - basic particle rendering works :)
f774be5 - drawing ship as circle now
930bc07 - fixed problem with non power of 2 textures, optimized cells for my laptop resolution
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