Armin Rigo committed 7d298f1

Keep the end-of-line characters, otherwise it's all printed on
one line. Fixes c041e29173a9. Restore a comment that was lost
from that checkin, too.

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     assert not p.returncode, ('Encountered an error running objdump: %s' %
     # drop some objdump cruft
-    lines = stdout.splitlines()[6:]
+    lines = stdout.splitlines(True)[6:]     # drop some objdump cruft
     return format_code_dump_with_labels(originaddr, lines, label_list)
 def format_code_dump_with_labels(originaddr, lines, label_list):
     stdout, stderr = p.communicate()
     assert not p.returncode, ('Encountered an error running nm: %s' %
-    for line in stdout.splitlines():
+    for line in stdout.splitlines(True):
         match = re_symbolentry.match(line)
         if match:
             addr = long(, 16)