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+# Distributed Ray Tracer
+It is a distributed ray tracer using stochastic sampling.
+## Features
+* Multithreaded using [OpenMP](http://openmp.org/)
+* Ray tracing 3D geometric primitives
+* Distributed ray tracing
+  * Soft shadows, depth of field, and motion blur
+* Recursive reflection/refraction.
+* Texture mapping
+* Bump mapping
+* Phong illumination
+* Spatial partitioning using BSP trees
+* Importing geometry files such as OBJ
+## Screenshots
+![Ray tracing #0](https://bitbucket.org/wjkoh/4190.410-cg/raw/f92a0d8a0cb4/docs/images/ray_tracing_0.png)
+![Ray tracing #1](https://bitbucket.org/wjkoh/4190.410-cg/raw/f92a0d8a0cb4/docs/images/ray_tracing_1.png)
+![Ray tracing #2](https://bitbucket.org/wjkoh/4190.410-cg/raw/f92a0d8a0cb4/docs/images/ray_tracing_2.png)
+## Dependencies
+1. [CML](http://cmldev.net/) (included)
+1. [CImg](http://cimg.sourceforge.net/) (included)
+## Authors
+* Woojong Koh  <wjngkoh@gmail.com>
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