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Add Back to My Mac (SSH) and xcodebuild settings to bootstrap_mac.sh

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 		tmux new-session -s $SESSION
+# Back to My Mac (SSH)
+if [ -f ~/Dropbox/Mac\ Sync/.hostnames ]; then
+    source ~/Dropbox/Mac\ Sync/.hostnames
+xcodebuild -license
+sudo xcodebuild -license
 sudo port selfupdate
 sudo port install autojump
 sudo port install ccache
 sudo port install freetype
 # install MacVim
+# Back to My Mac (SSH)
+HOSTNAME=`hostname -s`
+ICLOUD_DOMAIN=`echo show Setup:/Network/BackToMyMac | scutil | sed -n 's/.* : *\(.*\).$/\1/p'`
+HOSTNAMES_FILE="$HOME/Dropbox/Mac Sync/.hostnames"
+if ! grep "$EXPORT_STMT" "$HOSTNAMES_FILE" > /dev/null; then
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