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Generalized port numbers.

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+Change log
+from downloaded-possible-alpha-0 to tip
+  * generalized HTTP-Server's PortNo        
 0. rethink again the state transitions for the peer in peer.erl - it's badly written
 1. send 'keep-alive' msgs every 2 seconds
 2. enable listening for new connections
-3. do something when the hash-test becomes false
 4. keep stats so we can see which seeders are 'fast'
 5. the 'bitfield' doesn't work for small files - fix this
+partly done:
+3. do something when the hash-test becomes false
 start_listener(MetaInfo, PortNo) ->
+    catch(unregister(listener)),
     Pid = spawn(fun() -> listener_loop(MetaInfo, PortNo) end),
     register(listener, Pid).                         


 start() ->
-    catch(unregister(worker)),
-    catch(unregister(listener)),
-    download_torrent(metadata:multi()).
+    start(9999).
+start(MonitorPortNo) ->
+    download_torrent(MonitorPortNo, metadata:multi()).
 %%  Top-level functions that starts the whole business  %%
-download_torrent(MetaInfo) ->
+download_torrent(MonitorPortNo, MetaInfo) ->
     %% Start processes working in the background
     %%peer:start_listener(MetaInfo, 9999),
-    http_server:start(8888, http_server, fun logging:router/1),
+    http_server:start(MonitorPortNo, http_server, fun logging:router/1),
     log({metainfo, MetaInfo}),
 %% with the newly found peers.
 start_worker(MetaInfo) ->
+    catch(unregister(worker)),
     Pid = spawn(fun () -> worker_loop(MetaInfo) end),
     register(worker, Pid).
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