Including glossary macro in live templates doesn't reduce the dashboard to excerpt

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we tried integrating the macro in a set of live templates, which made it very easy to define a lot of terms “from scratch”

The issue that we are facing is that the reduction to first paragraphs or the excerpt doesn’t work in this setup any more, it shows always the complete page.

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  1. info Knowledge
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    thanks for reaching out.

    Could you please send us more about how to reproduce the issue? (live macro, screenshots can be helpful)

    If any confident information, please send to

    Many thanks,

    Best regards, Jennifer

  2. IT Admin reporter

    Thank you Jennifer,

    I’ve just sent through some screenshots.

    Maybe this is due to some other macros that are included in the excerpt?



  3. info Knowledge

    Hi IT Admin,

    A new version 3.0.5 has been released which resolves the issue.

    Many thanks.

    Please do not hesitate to share with us your feedback.

    Best regards, Jennifer

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