Switch Glossary Display from MouseOver to MouseClick

Issue #20 resolved
Thomas Rois created an issue

Due to Corona Virus Home Office, we have a dire need to disable displaying the Glossary Entries on every mouse-hit of the entries. Due to the smaller screens used in home devices, its getting to a place where it looks easier to navigate a minefield, than to not hit a glossary entry accidentally. If there is any kind of quick fix to this, I’d be happy with a jquery/hack for the time being - because we probably need to disable our glossary for the time being if we can not change that behaviour soon.

thank you, Thomas

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  1. Thomas Rois reporter

    Additional ideas by a coworker (with some hefty UI experience):

    • Make the popup appear later, after a waiting time of 1s or so. So you need to hover a while before the popup appears, simply brushing over it does not suffice.
    • Make the popup disappear when you leave the link, don’t require clicking out if you don’t require clicking in.

  2. info Knowledge

    Hi Thomas, David,

    My apologies for the delay.

    A new version has been released which resolves the issue.

    You need to choose the option on Glossary management.

    Many thanks,

    Best regards, Jennifer

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