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Kristof Münster created an issue

Hello support team,

we are trying to import the exported CSV-file into another Excel-file and are experiencing the following issue:

Some of our terms and defintions are containing a comma which leads to a buggy column separation in Excel. We thought that the general quotes (“…“) for the defintion would fix it at least for this field but thats not the case.

Example: separation in the middle of the defintion content; Same, as a term contains a comma.:

Can you reproduce the problem and what kind of change would fix it? Maybe a general quotation for all input fields in the CSV-file will fix it?

Best regards and thanks for your help!


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  1. Support wKnowledge
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    Hi Kristof,

    Many thanks for reaching out.

    Yes, when we try to convert the exported CSV file into an Excel file we found an issue. When importing the exported file after a modification its works fine.

    The issue is caused by different separator like a Confluence link, macro ...

    I have added a new request to our backlog in order to offer an Excel export feature.

    Meanwhile, we can help you to convert to Excel file manually. You can send us the file at support@wknowledge.com

    Many thanks for your collaboration.

    Best regards, Jennifer

  2. Kristof Münster reporter

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for the fast response. An urgent export is not needed currently, but thanks for the offer.

    We just checked that if the multi-domain feature is activated only the first domain will be exported. Is it possible to export all domains?

    Best regards, Kristof

  3. Support wKnowledge

    Hi Kristof,

    many thanks for your collaboration.

    A fix will be released within the next major version which includes term workflow, space admin, a control panel and some enhancements.

    Best regards,


  4. Support wKnowledge

    Hi Kristof, A new version of Glossary - Terminology Manager has been released! Version 4.0.0 is now available in the Atlassian Marketplace which resolves the issue.

    Best regards, Jennifer

  5. Kristof Münster reporter

    Hello Jennifer,

    thanks for the update and all kind of new features during the latest release!

    But the mentioned export function is still not working properly on our site: If one term has multiple domain assignments the domains in the *csv-file are only separated by a normal comma. A text qualifier like “ “ is missing and therefore each domain results in a new column value which leads to offset of further content. Can you verify this? Or is there an easy Excel solution?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Best regards, Kristof

  6. Support wKnowledge

    Hi Kristof, first our apologies for the delay.

    A new version 4.1.0 has been released which resolves the issue with CSV export.

    An excel export is also implemented.

    Many thanks for your collaboration.

    Best regards, Jennifer

  7. Kristof Münster reporter

    Hello Jennifer,

    thanks for the new version. One more need from us: The order of abbreviations is different between the term page view and the view in the glossary directory/overview (see picture).

    The export is using the order of the glossary directory but we are filling out the page view and need the correct order. Please unify the order of both views.

    Thanks in advance and best regards,


  8. Support wKnowledge

    Hi Kristof, A new version has been just released.

    Please update to the latest version.

    Many thanks for your patience.

    Best regards, Jennifer

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