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 Clone the [[|django-testapp]] project. Clone the [[|djangoappengine]] app into the "common-apps" folder. Link this repository's "django" folder into the "common-apps" folder.
-You should also read the [[|more detailed]] installation instructions and current limitations.
-== Links ==
-* [[|discussion group]]
-* [[|All buttons pressed]] blog
-* [[|tasks list]]
-* [[|djangotoolbox]] project for Django cloud tools
-== Contributors ==
-* [[|Andi Albrecht]]
-* [[|Kyle Finley]]
-* [[|Thomas Wanschik]]
-* [[|Waldemar Kornewald]]
-== Contributing / Architecture ==
-Sorry, no detailed documentation available, yet. Basically, the port just uses Django's sql.Query class and the new SQLCompiler backend API for non-relational DB support. A few changes in Django's ORM code were necessary in order get non-relational backends to work, but overall it's pretty simple. This way we work around the problem of porting the SQL layer back to the QueryData class in the django-nonrel-multidb port, so we get SQL support almost for free.
+You should visit the [[|project site]] for more details.