Waldemar Kornewald avatar Waldemar Kornewald committed 4a6b5b2

Fixed issue #44. Thanks a lot to Wilfred Hughes for fixing this bug.

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                 FilterTest.emails, FilterTest.datetimes)):
             # ensure distinct times when saving entities
-            self.last_save_time = datetime.datetime.now().time()
+            self.last_save_datetime = datetime.datetime.now()
+            self.last_save_time = self.last_save_datetime.time()
             ordered_instance = OrderedModel(priority=index, pk=index + 1)
                            'rasengan@naruto.com', 'rinnengan@sage.de'])
         # test range on date/datetime objects
-        start_time = datetime.time(self.last_save_time.hour,
-            self.last_save_time.minute - 1, self.last_save_time.second,
-            self.last_save_time.microsecond)
+        start_time = self.last_save_datetime - datetime.timedelta(minutes=1)
         self.assertEquals([entity.email for entity in
                             time__range=(start_time, self.last_save_time)).order_by('time')],
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