Waldemar Kornewald avatar Waldemar Kornewald committed 681ca57

fixed path detection of GAE SDK

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                  os.path.join(COMMON_DIR, '.google_appengine'),
-        for path in os.environ.get('PATH', '').replace(';', ':').split(':'):
+        for path in os.environ.get('PATH', '').split(os.pathsep):
             path = path.rstrip(os.sep)
             if path.endswith('google_appengine'):


     # Pass the application specific datastore location to the server.
     p = connection._get_paths()
     if '--datastore_path' not in args:
-        args.extend(["--datastore_path", p[0]])
+        args.extend(['--datastore_path', p[0]])
     if '--history_path' not in args:
-        args.extend(["--history_path", p[1]])
+        args.extend(['--history_path', p[1]])
     # Reset logging level to INFO as dev_appserver will spew tons of debug logs
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