Waldemar Kornewald  committed 7f69f3d

added request exception logging and fixed potential bug with pk='' queries

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File db/

                                         "the primary key.")
                     if not isinstance(value, (tuple, list)):
                         value = [value]
-                    pk_filters = [create_key(db_table, pk) for pk in value]
+                    pk_filters = [create_key(db_table, pk) for pk in value if pk]
                     # XXX: set db_type to 'gae_key' in order to allow

File main/

 from google.appengine.ext.webapp import util
 from django.conf import settings
+def log_traceback(*args, **kwargs):
+    import logging
+    logging.exception('Exception in request:')
+from django.core import signals
 def real_main():
     # Reset path and environment variables
     global path_backup