Waldemar Kornewald avatar Waldemar Kornewald committed 828b58d

added support for excluding primary keys in count(). this is not very efficient because it fetches all entities and counts them in memory instead of counting them on the DB

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             if path.endswith('google_appengine'):
         if os.name in ('nt', 'dos'):
-            prefix = '%(PROGRAMFILES)s' % os.environ
-            paths.append(prefix + r'\Google\google_appengine')
+            path = r'%(PROGRAMFILES)s\Google\google_appengine' % os.environ
+            paths.append(path)
         # Loop through all possible paths and look for the SDK dir.
         SDK_PATH = None
         for sdk_path in paths:
     def fetch(self, low_mark, high_mark):
         query = self._build_query()
+        if self.excluded_pks and high_mark is not None:
+            high_mark += len(self.excluded_pks)
         if self.pk_filters is not None:
             results = self.get_matching_pk(low_mark, high_mark)
         if self.pk_filters is not None:
             return len(self.get_matching_pk(0, limit))
         if self.excluded_pks:
-            raise DatabaseError("Counting with excluded primary keys is not "
-                                "supported.")
+            return len(list(self.fetch(0, 300)))
         return self._build_query().Count(limit)
         return query
     def get_matching_pk(self, low_mark=0, high_mark=None):
-        pk_filters = [key for key in self.pk_filters if key is not None]
-        if not pk_filters:
+        if not self.pk_filters:
             return []
-        results = [result for result in Get(pk_filters)
-                   if result is not None
-                       and self.matches_filters(result)]
+        results = [result for result in Get(self.pk_filters)
+                   if result is not None and
+                       self.matches_filters(result)]
         if self.ordering:
         if high_mark is not None and high_mark < len(results) - 1:
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