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 non-relational/NoSQL databases (currently via Django-nonrel_).
 In ``djangotoolbox.db`` you can find base classes for writing
-non-relational DB backends.
+non-relational DB backends. Read
+`Writing a non-relational Django backend`_
+for more information.
 In ``djangotoolbox.fields`` you can find several common field
 types for non-relational DB backends (``ListField``, ``SetField``,
 The ``djangotoolbox.admin`` module provides admin overrides for
 making ``django.contrib.auth`` work correctly in the admin UI.
 Simply add ``'djangotoolbox'`` to ``INSTALLED_APPS`` **after**
+``django.contrib.admin``. This will disable features that
+require JOINs. If you still need permission handling you should
+use the `nonrel permission backend`_.
 .. _djangotoolbox:
 .. _Django-nonrel:
+.. _Writing a non-relational Django backend:
+.. _nonrel permission backend: