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rename NonrelModelBackend to NonrelPermissionBackend

NonrelPermissionBackend's base class is ModelBackend, authentication is handled via ModelBackend

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File djangotoolbox/auth/

 from djangotoolbox.auth.models import UserPermissionList, GroupPermissionList, GroupList
-class NonrelModelBackend(object):
+class NonrelPermissionBackend(ModelBackend):
-    Authenticates against djangotoolbox.contrib.auth.models.User.
+    Implements Django's permission system on Django-Nonrel
     supports_object_permissions = False
     supports_anonymous_user = True
-    django_backend = ModelBackend() # use default django backend for authentication
-    # TODO: Model, login attribute name and password attribute name should be
-    # configurable.
-    def authenticate(self, username=None, password=None):
-        return self.django_backend.authenticate(username, password)
     def get_group_permissions(self, user_obj):
         Returns a set of permission strings that this user has through his/her