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Fixed some auto_now{,add} edge cases with embedded models.

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         if self.embedded_model is None:
             values.update({'_module' : embedded_instance.__class__.__module__,
                            '_model'  : embedded_instance.__class__.__name__})
+        # This instance will exist in the db very soon.
+        embedded_instance._entity_exists = True
         return values
     # TODO/XXX: Remove this once we have a cleaner solution
                 data[str(field.attname)] = values[field.column]
             except KeyError:
-        return model(**data)
+        return model(__entity_exists=True, **data)


         """ Compares d1 and d2, ignoring microseconds """
         self.assertEqual(d1.replace(microsecond=0), d2.replace(microsecond=0))
+    def assertNotEqualDatetime(self, d1, d2):
+        self.assertNotEqual(d1.replace(microsecond=0), d2.replace(microsecond=0))
     def _simple_instance(self):
         return EmbeddedModelFieldModel.objects.get()
         instance = EmbeddedModelFieldModel.objects.get()
-    def test_pre_save(self, field='simple'):
+    def _test_pre_save(self, instance, get_field):
         # Make sure field.pre_save is called for embedded objects
         from time import sleep
-        instance = EmbeddedModelFieldModel.objects.create(**{field: EmbeddedModel()})
-        auto_now = getattr(instance, field).auto_now
-        auto_now_add = getattr(instance, field).auto_now_add
+        auto_now = get_field(instance).auto_now
+        auto_now_add = get_field(instance).auto_now_add
         self.assertNotEqual(auto_now, None)
         self.assertNotEqual(auto_now_add, None)
+        sleep(1) # FIXME
+        self.assertNotEqualDatetime(get_field(instance).auto_now,
+                                    get_field(instance).auto_now_add)
         instance = EmbeddedModelFieldModel.objects.get()
         # auto_now_add shouldn't have changed now, but auto_now should.
-        self.assertEqualDatetime(getattr(instance, field).auto_now_add, auto_now_add)
-        self.assertGreater(getattr(instance, field).auto_now, auto_now)
+        self.assertEqualDatetime(get_field(instance).auto_now_add, auto_now_add)
+        self.assertGreater(get_field(instance).auto_now, auto_now)
+    def test_pre_save(self):
+        obj = EmbeddedModelFieldModel(simple=EmbeddedModel())
+        self._test_pre_save(obj, lambda instance: instance.simple)
     def test_pre_save_untyped(self):
-        self.test_pre_save(field='simple_untyped')
+        obj = EmbeddedModelFieldModel(simple_untyped=EmbeddedModel())
+        self._test_pre_save(obj, lambda instance: instance.simple_untyped)
+    def test_pre_save_in_list(self):
+        obj = EmbeddedModelFieldModel(untyped_list=[EmbeddedModel()])
+        self._test_pre_save(obj, lambda instance: instance.untyped_list[0])
+    def test_pre_save_in_dict(self):
+        obj = EmbeddedModelFieldModel(untyped_dict={'a': EmbeddedModel()})
+        self._test_pre_save(obj, lambda instance: instance.untyped_dict['a'])
     def test_pre_save_list(self):
         # Also make sure auto_now{,add} works for embedded object *lists*.
         self.assertNotIn('some_relation', simple.__dict__)
         self.assertIsInstance(simple.__dict__['some_relation_id'], type(
         self.assertIsInstance(simple.some_relation, DictModel)
 EmbeddedModelFieldTest = unittest.skipIf(
     not supports_dicts, "Backend doesn't support dicts")(
 class SignalTest(TestCase):
     def test_post_save(self):
         created = []
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