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hghooks is a simple module that adds several useful hooks for use in Mercurial hooks system.

Right now it includes hooks for:

  • pep8 checking of python files
  • pyflakes checking of python files
  • checking for forgotten pdb statements in python files



hghooks is distributed as a Python egg so is quite easy to install. You just need to type the following command:

easy_install hghooks

And Easy Install will go to the Cheeseshop and grab the last hghooks for you. It will also install it for you at no extra cost :-)


To use one of the hooks provided by this package edit your hgrc file of your Mercurial repository and add these lines:

pretxncommit.pep8 = python:hghooks.pep8hook.pretxncommit
pretxncommit.pyflakes = python:hghooks.pyflakeshook.pretxncommit
pretxncommit.pdb = python:hghooks.pdbhook.pretxncommit

You can add only the hooks that you need.

How to skip the hooks

If you need to avoid a hook for a specific changeset you can add one or more of the following keywords to the commit message: no-pep8, no-pyflakes and no-pdb.

On the other hand, if you want to avoid a hook in a specific file you can add a comment somewhere in the file saying so. For example:

# hghooks: no-pyflakes no-pdb

in this case the pyflakes and pdb hooks will skip this file. The "# hghooks:" prolog is important and you have to type it exactly like that. Then add the skip keyworkds separated by spaces.