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Remove all debug info

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File localeurl/

     Generate the localeurl-enabled path from a path without locale prefix. If
     the locale is empty settings.LANGUAGE_CODE is used.
-    print '\t in locale_path'
+    # move it to middleware.
     #locale = supported_language(locale)
-    print locale
     if not locale:
-        print 'NOT'
         locale = supported_language(settings.LANGUAGE_CODE)
-        print locale
     if is_locale_independent(path):
-        print '=1'
         return path
     elif is_default_locale(locale) and not localeurl_settings.PREFIX_DEFAULT_LOCALE:
-        print '=2'
         return path
-        print '=3'
         return ''.join([u'/', locale, path])
 def locale_url(path, locale=''):