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Fixed bug with semantic editor

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     // Other event handlers added in update_optsbox
+PresentationControls.prototype.set_html = function(html) {
+    // WUMEditor ought to call .listen() after setting
+    // the HTML (to rebind events for images),
+    // but it doesn't at the moment, so we work around it by wrapping.
+    self.wym.html(html);
+    self.wym.listen();
 // Splits the HTML into 'content HTML' and 'presentation'
 PresentationControls.prototype.separate_presentation = function() {
     var self = this;
 			    // Store the presentation
 			    self.presentation_info = value.presentation;
 			    // Update the HTML
-			    self.wym.html(value.html);
+                            self.set_html(value.html);
 		}, "json");
     var data = JSON.parse(res);
     if (data.result == 'ok') {
 	// Replace existing HTML with combined.
-	this.wym.html(data.value.html);
+        this.set_html(data.value.html);
 	// In case the normal WYMeditor update got called *before* this
 	// event handler, we do another update.
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