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This is a Django application that makes it easy to implement cookies compliant with Dutch law, as far as I am able
to tell. I'm not a lawyer, so use at your own risk.

---------------------Version History:--------------------------------------

*0.1    12-11-2012 - Improved README, added, added comments
*0.1.1  15-11-2012 - Changed reload delay to 1.5 seconds. Sometimes took too long for cookie to be set.
*0.1.2  15-11-2012 - You can now set the text displayed in the cookie bar and the link to your cookie page.


- jQuery


- Add the cookie_law app to your INSTALLED_APPS.
- Add 'url(r'^cookies/', include('apps.cookie_law.urls')),' to your main, without the ''.
- Run the cookie_law migrations.
- Include {% show_cookie_bar %} under the <body> tag in your base template.
- Make a cookie bar in the admin.
- Surround your cookies with {% if request.COOKIES.allow_cookies == '1' %} <cookie> {% endif %}