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some minor changes on filenames

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 // import and save the characterisctic of users and items
 // all the text files are at subdirectory ./track1
 // and the data are saved back in format .dta at ./track1
+//	lines		files
+//	6095		item.txt
+//	2320895		user_profile.txt
+//	2320895		user_key_word.txt
+//	10632833	user_action.txt
+//	50655143	user_sns.txt
+//	73209277	rec_log_train.txt
+//	34910937	rec_log_test.txt
 version 11.2
 do define_global.do


 capture log close
-log using track1/predict_choice_$nc_$N.log, replace
+log using "track1/predict_choice_($nc)$N.log", replace
 // load estimation results
-// use track1/rec_log_result_$nc_$N.dta, clear
+// use "track1/rec_log_result_($nc)$N.dta", clear
 ** predict users' choices
 sort original_order
 // print to a csv file
-outsheet user_id top3_items using track1/rec_log_ranking_$nc_$N.csv if tag_all_user, comma replace
+outsheet user_id top3_items using "track1/rec_log_ranking_($nc)$N.csv" if tag_all_user, comma replace
 // save item rankings
-save track1/rec_log_ranking_$nc_$N.dta, replace
+save "track1/rec_log_ranking_($nc)$N.dta", replace
 log close
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