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  <li>All adapters have been moved to Webware/WebKit/Adapters</li>
  <li>LRWPAdapter added, for use with the
  <a href="http://xitami.com">Xitami web server</a></li>
  <li>New <code>setCookie</code> method in <code>HTTPResponse</code>.
  New method supports setting the expire time, path (which defaults to "/")
  and security flag. The expire time can be set with constants "ONCLOSE",
  "NOW", or "NEVER"; or you can give an integer timestamp, tuple of integers
  (as used in the time module), or string identifier (like "+1w" for 1 week
  in the future).</li>
  <li>Added an <i>experimental</i> HTTPAdapter.py which serves directly
  as an HTTP server.</li>
  <li>Added an optional AutoReload setting to enable reloading the server
  whenever source files, including servlets and PSP files are changed.</li>
  <li>Fix so PSP works with python 2.3a1.</li>
  <li>Includes an Apache 2 mod_webkit adapter, and pre-compiled DLL for
  <li>Fixed a problem where escapes in PSP source were not being processed
  <li>Restored 0.7 behavior of Page.writeDocType() to output 4.01 Transitional.
  See the <a href="../WebKit/Docs/RelNotes-0.8.html">release notes</a>
  for more info.</li>
  <li>Upgraded documentation</li>
  <li>Improvements to profilling.</li>
  <li>Numerous bug fixes.</li>

<p>Many more improvements and bug fixes are present in this release.
The majority of which can be found in WebKit. Check out the WebKit
<a href="../WebKit/Docs/RelNotes-0.8.html">release notes</a>, as well as
the release notes for the other <a href="ComponentIndex.html">components</a>
for more information.</p>

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