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<% header(name + ' 0.9.1 Release Notes') %>

<p><% name %> version 0.9.1 released on 04/23/06</p>

  <li>This release of Webware for Python includes a few fixes and
  improvements of the WebKit, MiddleKit and KidKit plug-ins (see
  the respective release notes).</li>
  <li>The <span class="filename"></span> script
  now allows to be run on an existing directory. This will create
  all missing files and directories, and set access permissions
  accordingly (requested by Andreas Poisel).</li>
  <li>Compatibility with Python&nbsp;2.5 has been factored in,
  although this has not yet been throughly tested (and a stable
  version is not yet available anyway).</li>

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