Webware / Docs / RelNotes-0.9.2.phtml

<% header(name + ' 0.9.2 Release Notes') %>

<p><% name %> version 0.9.2 released on 09/18/06</p>

  <li>This release of Webware for Python includes a couple of fixes and
  improvements of WebKit, MiddleKit, MiscUtils and WebUtils (see
  the respective release notes).</li>
  <li>An interesting new feature is the possibility to dump stack frames
  of all running threads to standard output by sending a SIGQUIT or SIGBREAK
  signal to the Application server using the threadframe module.</li>
  <li>This release also restores backward compatibility with older Python
  versions in many places. It should run with all Python versions from
  2.0 to 2.5 (only KidKit requires version 2.3).</li>
  <li>You will need to recreate your working directories if you have been
  using a Webware version older than version 0.9.</li>

<% footer() %>
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