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<a name="Changes"></a><h2>Changes</h2>
  <li>The main change in the Webware 1.1 branch is that it now requires
  at least Python version 2.4, while the Webware 1.0 branch still supports
  old Python releases down to version 2.0. This move allowed us to get rid
  of a lot of cruft, workarounds and old fashioned code; the code has become
  much cleaner and leaner, and by using more modern Python idioms also faster
  in many places. We do not yet support Python 3, but these changes give us
  a good starting point for further modernization of Webware for Python.</li>
  <li>We also changed our style guideline and are using 4 spaces instead of
  tabs throughout our codebase now, in order to conform a bit more with PEP8.
  We did not modernize our naming conventions, though, because we want to stay
  backward compatible with existing Webware applications.</li>
  <li>The methods and objects which have been marked as deprecated
  in version 1.0 and modules that are now available in the standard library
  have been removed in Webware for Python 1.1.</li>
  <li>The <code>NamedValueAccess</code> "magic" has been removed. See the
  MiscUtils release notes for details.</li>
  <li>We are now only using new-style classes in our code base. The
  <code>Object</code> root class for WebKit objects has gone.</li>
  <li>Webware (particularly MiddleKit) does not support <code>mxDateTime</code>
  types any more, only the native datetime types. However, if python-dateutil
  is not installed, Webware will still use <code>mxDateTime</code> internally
  for string parsing (but the results will be <code>datetime</code> anyway).
  This makes datetime handling much clearer and easier maintainable.</li>

<a name="NewFeatures"></a><h2>New Features</h2>
  <li>Added an adapter for any WSGI compliant webserver to communicate with
  the Webware application server, which you can use straight away as WSGI
  application script file for mod_wsgi.</li>
  <li>Added new session store classes based on shelve and Memcached.</li>
  <li>MiddleKit now supports SQLite as database.</li>
  <li>A mod_webkit binary for Apache 2 64bit on Windows is now included.</li>

<a name="Fixes"></a><h2>Fixes</h2>
  <li>Fixed a long outstanding issue with filenames in tracebacks: Since the
  installer compiled the files from a different directory (Webware) than the
  appserver uses (WebKit), the stored filenames (co_filename) could sometimes
  not be resolved.</li>
  <li>Fixed problems when shutting down an app server with hanging threads.</li>
  <li>More WebKit bugfixes are listed in the WebKit release notes.</li>

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