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<% header(name + ' 0.9.1 Release Notes') %>

<p><% name %> version 0.9.1 released on 04/23/06</p>

<a name="Security"></a><h2>Security</h2>
  <li>If the KidKit Plugin cannot be installed (e.g. if Kid is not available),
  then the <span class="filename">.kid</span> extension will be disabled for
  delivery. If it would stay enabled and KidKit is not active, Kid templates
  containing passwords or other sensitive information would be delivered
  unparsed to the client.</li>

<a name="Bugfixes"></a><h2>Bugfixes</h2>
  <li>The output method could only be changed for every template individually.
  Changing the default output method by setting <code>KidOutputMethod</code>
  in <span class="filename">Application.config</span> now works as well.
  (Reported by Frank Barknecht.)</li>

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