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import os, sys

from MiddleKit.Run.MySQLObjectStore import MySQLObjectStore
from SitePage import SitePage

class StorePage(SitePage):

    ## Init ##

    def __init__(self):
        self._store = None

    ## Access ##

    def modelFilename(self):
        req = self.request()
        filename = req.field('modelFilename', None)
        if filename:
            self.response().setCookie('modelFilename', filename)
            filename = req.cookie('modelFilename', None)
        return filename

    def store(self):
        if not self._store:
            modelFilename = self.modelFilename()
            # MK will need access to the Python classes for the model.
            # We expect to find them with the actual model file,
            # so we update sys.path appropriately:
            extraDir = os.path.dirname(modelFilename)
            # We need the parent directory of the model package:
            extraDir = os.path.dirname(extraDir)
            if extraDir not in sys.path:
                sys.path.insert(1, extraDir)
            req = self.request()
            self._store = MySQLObjectStore(host=req.value('host'),
                user=req.value('user'), passwd=req.value('password'))
            recentModels = self.request().cookie('recentModels', [])
            if recentModels:
                recentModels = recentModels.split(';')
            if modelFilename not in recentModels:
                recentModels = ';'.join(recentModels)
                self.response().setCookie('recentModels', ';'.join(recentModels))
        return self._store

    ## Writing page parts ##

    def writeTopBar(self):
        names = os.path.split(self.modelFilename())
        self.writeln('<p><a href="SelectModel" class="SelectLink">SELECT</a>'
            ' <span class=StatusBar>%s - %s</span></p>' % (names[1], names[0]))
        req = self.request()
        self.writeln('<p><a href="SelectDatabase" class="SelectLink">SELECT</a>'
            ' <span class="StatusBar">db=%s, host=%s, user=%s</span></p>'
            % (req.value('database'), req.value('host'), req.value('user')))

    def writeSideBar(self):

    def writeKlasses(self):
        # @@ 2000-11-27 ce: move this to MixIns?
        curClassName = self.request().field('class', None)
        klasses =
        names = sorted(klasses)
        for name in names:
            urlName = self.urlEncode(name)
            style = name == curClassName and 'CurClassLink' or 'ClassLink'
            self.writeln('<p><a href="BrowseObjects?class=%s" class"=%s">'
                '%s</a></p>' % (name, style, urlName))

    def writeContent(self):
        self.writeln('<p>Woops. Forgot to override writeContent().</p>')