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<p><% name %> version <% versionString %> released on <% releaseDate %></p>

<a name="NewFeatures"></a><h2>New Features</h2>
  <li>Added the <code>DateParser</code> module for parsing strings to datetime
  values using python-dateutil, mxDateTime or strptime.</li>
  <li>Added the <code>Funcs.localTimeDelta</code> function to support setting
  cookie expiration as datetime without timezone.</li>

<a name="Improvements"></a><h2>Improvements and Refinements</h2>
  <li>Simplified and modernized <code>DataTable</code>. Now using only native
  datetime classes instead of mxDateTime.</li>

<a name="MinorChanges"></a><h2>Minor API Changes</h2>
  <li>Renamed the <code>positive_id</code> function to <code>positiveId</code>,
  using the Webware naming convention.</li>
  <li>The <code>asclocaltime</code> function has been from
  <code>WebKit.Common</code> to <code>MiscUtils</code>.</li>
  <li>Renamed the <code>pickleVersion</code> parameter to
  <code>pickleProtocol</code> since it's referred to as "protocol" in the
  pickle docs. If not specified, we always use the highest format available
  (i.e. 2 instead of 1 as before).</li>

<a name="Deprecations"></a><h2>Deprecations</h2>
  <li>The methods and objects which have been marked as deprecated
  in version 1.0 and modules that are now  available in the standard library
  have been removed in Webware for Python 1.1, particularly
  <code>BasicDateTime</code>, <code>pydoc</code> and <code>inspect</code>.</li>
  <li>The <code>NamedValueAccess</code> "magic" was disposed since it has
  never been well documented and hardly anyone understood and used it.
  It also made things difficult to maintain, and the key bindings had already
  caused problems with garbage collection in the past which had been very hard
  to find. And now that properties and new-style classes exist, this whole
  approach can be considered outmoded. So the <code>NamedValueAccess</code>
  mix-in and wrapper classes and the <code>UserDict</code> monkey-patch are
  gone now. However, the <code>valueForKey</code> and <code>valueForName</code>
  functions are still available and can be useful in some cases (for instance
  for evaluating the <code>ActivityLogColumns</code>).</li>

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