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<p><% name %> version 1.0 released on 11/29/08</p>

<a name="Improvements"></a><h2>Improvements and Refinements</h2>
  <li>The Scheduler now accepts an <code>exceptionHandler</code> argument.
  If passed, this exception handler is invoked whenever an unhandled exception
  occurs within a <code>Task</code>. Previously there was no general mechanism
  for handling exceptions within Tasks.</li>
  <li>If an exception occurs within a periodic Task, the Task will be started
  again at the next scheduled time. Previously when an exception occurred,
  the Task was not able to be restarted.</li>

<a name="Bugfixes"></a><h2>Bugfixes</h2>
  <li>The <code>isOnDemand()</code> method of the <code>TaskHandler</code>
  did not work correctly.</li>
  <li>The scheduler could not unregister running tasks (reported as bug
  #849732 by Brett Funderburg).</li>

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