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UserKit TO DO


[ ] Roles: Implement and test. These might be done as mix-ins.

[ ] Timeouts: We have the settings, but not the implementation
    [ ] modified users get persisted
    [ ] inactive users get pushed out of memory
    [ ] inactive users get logged out

[ ] MiddleKit integration:
    [ ] Should the manager be stored as an MK object?
    [ ] Is there a conflict regarding accessor methods between User and what MiddleKit does?

[ ] WebKit integration
    [ ] Make a UserPage(Page) class for WebKit. Or perhaps a UserServletMixIn. Hmmmm.
    [ ] Add a UserManager admin page.

[ ] Consider implementing Tom's suggestion for manager interface

[ ] Docs: User's Guide

[ ] Upload to CVS



[ ] Consider making roles case insensitive.

[ ] For that matter, should user names be case insensitive?
    - If so, provide for an option to be case sensitive. Some users want that, especially if they are porting an existing app.

[ ] UserManagerToFile
    [ ] Iterating through all users means pulling them all into memory (until the inactive user timeout pushes them out)
    [ ] No indexes on externalId or name. So a linear search is required (after checking memory). On the other hand, what do you expect with simple file based storage?



[ ] Case: retrieve users from the MiddleKit store, totally fresh.

[ ] Test the various "default" parameters of all the methods.

[ ] cover all methods

[ ] Add more subtle and complex tests.

[ ] test externalId