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<p><% name %> version 0.9.1 released on 04/23/06</p>

<a name="NewFeatures"></a><h2>New Features</h2>
  <li>Added new methods <code>writeMetaData()</code> and
  <code>writeJavaScript()</code> to the <code>Page</code> class
  that will be called by <code>writeHeadParts()</code>.</li>
  <li>The Examples context has now a servlet <code>AjaxSuggest</code>
  demonstrating the use of Ajax with Webware for Python.
  A baseclass <code>AjaxPage</code> and the necessary JavaScript
  supporting these techniques are also included in the Examples context.
  (Thanks to John Dickinson and Robert Forkel.)</li>

<a name="Improvements"></a><h2>Improvements and Refinements</h2>
  <li>The auto reloading app server used the <code>ImportSpy</code> module
  to keep track of which modules have been imported. <code>ImportSpy</code>
  was based on the old <code>ihooks</code> module which could raise problems
  with other incompatible importing mechanisms like Cheetah templates or when
  using zipped Python eggs. This problem has been tackled from two sides,
  first by replacing ihooks with new (PEP 302) import hooks if available (they
  were implemented in Python 2.3), and second by allowing to suppress the use
  of <code>ImportSpy</code> completely by setting <code>UseImportSpy</code>
  to False in <span class="filename">AppServer.config</span>.
  In this case, <code>sys.modules</code> will be polled regularly.
  The <code>ImportSpy</code> module now contains only the import hooks,
  the rest of the functionality for tracking and managing concurrent import
  has been sourced out to the new <code>ImportManager</code> module.</li>
  <li>The start script for RedHat/Fedora Linux has been improved. A timing issue
  with the "restart" option has been solved (reported by Mike Trisko).</li>
  <li>A <code>__contains__</code> method has been defined for session objects,
  so code like "<code class="py">if key in session</code>" works as expected.
  As an aside, we could get complete dictionary functionality by
  defining <code>keys</code> and subclassing python's DictMixin.
  Also, consider sessions with timeout zero to be expired. (Ken Lalonde)</li>
  <li>Modified <span class="filename">mod_webkit</span> and
  <span class="filename">mod_webkit2</span> to better agree with Python's
  marshal code, for a bit of speed. Unused symbols deleted, private stuff
  marked static. (Ken Lalonde)</li>
  <li>Added a new <span class="filename">mod_webkit</span> apache directive:
  <pre class="py">PassHeader Foo</pre>
  will pass the incoming HTTP header <code>Foo</code>, if present,
  through to the AppServer. Servlets can retrieve the value like this:
  <pre class="py">v = self.request().environ().get('Foo')</pre>
  This generalizes the If-Modified-Since hack.
  You can use this, for example, to to pass Pound's "X-Forwarded-For" header
  through, which contains the real client IP address, in order to be logged
  by your WebKit application. Other minor changes (all by Ken Lalonde):
  <li>Debug logging is compiled out by default.</li>
  <li>Real errors are logged as such, not at level debug (and so invisible).</li>
  <li>Zero struct <code>sockaddr_in</code> before use.</li>
  <li>Plug file descriptor leak: close socket after connect failure.</li>
  <li>Pass Apache's notion of the request time, rather than time(0).</li>
  <li>Complain if AppServer returns garbage (mod_webkit2).</li>
  <li>Workaround for a bug in mod_gzip in
  <span class="filename">HTTPResponse</span> (Ken Lalonde).</li>
  <li>Better handling of CSS in <span class="filename">SideBarPage</span>
  (as suggested by Michael Palmer).</li>
  <li>Batch files <span class="filename">mscvtk.bat</span> have been included
  for building <span class="filename">mod_webkit</span> and
  <span class="filename">mod_webkit2</span> under Windows
  using the free Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 Toolkit compiler.
  The <span class="filename">mod_webkit.dll</span> files have been updated.</li>

<a name="Bugfixes"></a><h2>Bugfixes</h2>
  <li>Both the monitor service and the <span class="filename"></span>
  script for monitoring the application server were broken and have been
  fixed. You need to set <code>EnableMonitor</code> to use this.</li>
  <li>Fixed bug in HTTP server that prevented multiple cookies from being
  set at the same time.</li>
  <li>Fixed a race condition in SessionStore (Ben Parker).</li>
  <li>Context and plugin paths are not correctly read in from new style
  config files under Windows.</li>
  <li>Include <span class="filename">apr_version.h</span> in
  <span class="filename">mod_webkit.c</span> for Apache2 (Richard Brodie).</li>
  <li>URL parser keeps query string when adding slash for redirect
  (reported by Sam Nilsson).</li>
  <li>Fixed a few issues in LoginPage and SecurePage (including a bug
  reported by Jean-Francois Pieronne).</li>
  <li>The exception handler now updates the linecache before printing
  tracebacks if the Python version is before 2.4. In newer Python versions,
  the traceback module automatically updates the linecache.</li>

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