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from WebKit.XMLRPCServlet import XMLRPCServlet

class XMLRPCExample(XMLRPCServlet):
    """Example XML-RPC servlet.

    To try it out, use something like the following:

    >>> import xmlrpclib
    >>> server = xmlrpclib.Server('http://localhost:8080/Examples/XMLRPCExample')
    >>> server.multiply(10,20)
    >>> server.add(10,20)

    You'll get an exception if you try to call divide, because that
    method is not listed in exposedMethods.


    def exposedMethods(self):
        return ['multiply', 'add']

    def multiply(self, x, y):
        return x * y

    def add(self, x, y):
        return x + y

    def divide(self, *args):
        return reduce(operator.div, args)