Webware / WebKit / Tests / README

This is a framework for testing WebKit end-to-end by using the built-in http
server.  The module AppServerTest contains a TestCase base class which
starts/stops the appserver in a separate process, and allows the test case
to check whether certain output produced by the appserver.

Test cases will probably want to use a client-side web testing framework
(e.g. or
for making requests and testing responses.

To run all tests:

$ python

To run specific test cases, pass one or more names of package/module names
on the command line which contain the test cases to be run.

$ python Basic.Test
testAppServerStarts (Basic.Test.TestBasicFunctionality) ... ok

Ran 1 test in 3.036s


There are also subdirectories with additional twill test scripts for WebKit
and a stress test tool for the WebKit application server.