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HTML validation using Web Design Group's HTML validator.


import os

from WebUtils.Funcs import htmlEncode
from MiscUtils import StringIO

def encodeWithIndentation(html):
    """Encode HTML and create indentation from tab characters."""
    html = htmlEncode(html).replace('  ', '  ')
    return html.replace('\t', '    ')

def validateHTML(html):
    """Validate the given html.

    Validate the input using Web Design Group's HTML validator
    available at

    Make sure you install the offline validator (called "validate")
    which can be called from the command-line.
    The "validate" script must be in your path.

    If no errors are found, an empty string is returned.
    Otherwise, the HTML with the error messages is returned.


    input, output = os.popen4('validate')
    out = output.readlines()

    errorLines = {}
    for line in out:
        if line[0:5] == 'Line ':
            i = line.find(',')
            if i >= 0:
                linenum = int(line[5:i])
                errorLines[linenum] = line

    # Be quiet if all's well
    if not errorLines:
        return ''

    result = StringIO()
    result.write('<table style="background-color: #ffffff">'
        '<tr><td colspan="2">\n')
    result.write("<pre>%s</pre>" % "".join(out))

    goodColors = ['#d0d0d0', '#e0e0e0']
    badColor = '#ffd0d0'
    lines = html.splitlines(True)
    i = 1
    for line in lines:
        if i in errorLines:
            result.write('<tr style="background-color: %s">'
                '<td rowspan="2">%d</td><td>%s</td></tr>\n'
                % (badColor, i, encodeWithIndentation(errorLines[i])))
            result.write('<tr style="background-color: %s">'
                % (badColor, encodeWithIndentation(line)))
            color = goodColors[i % 2]
            result.write('<tr style="background-color: %s">'
                % (color, i, encodeWithIndentation(line)))
        i += 1
    return result.getvalue()