wStatus - Reporting from emails

A simple console application for manipulating and reporting on status mails of WNeeds Ltd.


Import new status emails (see note for which emails will be imported)

wstatus -i

Summary report of yesterday

wstatus -r

Summary report of specific date (-r yyyy-mm-dd)

wstatus -r 2011-08-14

To specify From date (-f yyyy-mm-dd) and To date (-t yyyy-mm-dd)

wstatus -f 2011-08-14 -t 2011-08-20 ...other options...

Report for a specific developer (-u <developer-name, name used in email address>). For nuhil@example.com:

wstatus -u nuhil ...other options...

Specifying report types (-y). allowed values and their meaning:

  • sum (summary, default) : List of tasks worked on and time. flag for if there was message and requirement
  • msg (message) : Messages by developer and date
  • req (requirements) : Messages by developer and date
  • ep (effective planning) : specifying dev name (-u) is mandatory. Show what he did on specified date and what have planned on previous day.

    wstatus -r 2011-08-14 -u emran -y ep

Sending output to an email (-m <email>)

wstatus -m anis@wneeds.com  ...other options...

Writing output to a file (-f <file name>)

wstatus -w filename.txt  ...other options...

Writing and emailing can be done together

For list of options run: wstatus -h


Mail Format: You can see the mail format we use in lib/parser.rb

Importing: Gmail adds a label "unread-status" with new status emails (by matching subject, using gmail filters). This app checks if there is some emails with this label. If found, imports them and removes the label from mail.

To Start: Rename gmail_empty.yml to gmail.yml and set email credentials. Also rename status_empty.db3 to status.db3

Author : Anis uddin Ahmad anisniit@gmail.com

Copyright : copyright (c) 2011 wneeds.com.

Licensed under the MIT License: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php