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Files changed (5) was originally written by Gareth Rees, and since 2004 has been
+extended and maintained by Ned Batchelder.
+Other contributions have been made by:
+Chris Adams
+Danek Duvall
+Ross Lawley
+Ben Finney
+Bill Hart
+Christian Heimes
+Detlev Offenbach
+George Song
+David Christian
+Imri Goldberg
+Patrick Mezard
+Edward Loper
+Guillaume Chazarain
+Titus Brown
+Noel O'Boyle
+Catherine Proulx
+Joseph Tate
+Sigve Tjora
+Mark van der Wal
+Geoff Bache
+Martin Fuzzey
+Greg Rogers
 - Settings are now read from a .coveragerc file.
+- Added an AUTHORS.txt file.
 Version 3.2, 5 December 2009
 include README.txt
 include CHANGES.txt
+include AUTHORS.txt
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File doc/index.rst

 ------- was originally written by `Gareth Rees`_.
-Since 2004, `Ned Batchelder`_ has maintained and extended it.
+Since 2004, `Ned Batchelder`_ has extended and maintained it with the help of
+`many others`_.
 .. _Gareth Rees:
 .. _Ned Batchelder:
+.. _many others:
 More information
     # We need to get HTML assets from our htmlfiles dir.
     zip_safe = False,
-    author = 'Ned Batchelder',
+    author = 'Ned Batchelder and others',
     author_email = '',
     description = doclines[0],
     long_description = '\n'.join(doclines[2:]),