Job doesn't follow the Django's TIME_ZONE setting

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Issue #36 resolved
Ying Kit Yuen created an issue

I am running:

Django (1.6.5)
django-chronograph (
django-common-helpers (0.6.1)
djangorestframework (2.3.14)
pip (1.5.6)
python-dateutil (1.5)
pytz (2014.4)
setuptools (5.4.1)
South (1.0)
statsd (3.0.1)
wsgiref (0.1.2)
yolk3k (0.8.4)

and i hardcode the timezone in

# Internationalization


TIME_ZONE = 'Asia/Hong_Kong'

USE_I18N = True

USE_L10N = True

USE_TZ = True

So now i can see the correct time on the django admin page. For example: if the current time is 2014-08-10 8:15am (UTC) the admin page will display 2014-08-10 4:15pm (becoz Asia/Hong_Kong is UTC+8)

but if i schedule a job to run a 1 every minute, the next run will be scheduled 8 hours later. i guess chronograph is using the UTC time when determining execution time.

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